You’re about to go to University but you don’t know anyone, you’re not familiar with Melbourne and you need a place to feel at home.

We totally get this!

College offers you the opportunity to enhance your University of Melbourne experience. In addition to providing quality accommodation moments from the university’s Parkville campus, College offers a unique social and academic community in which you will thrive.

The Colleges aim to ensure that you have a well-rounded university life, focusing on honing academic skills and encouraging you to pursue broader sporting and cultural interests. You are encouraged to become involved in anything from sports to singing groups within your College, and also participate in intercollegiate activities.

The Colleges’ populations are diverse – they house both male and female students from all over the world. Residents studying everything from medicine to music live side by side and give each other support and friendship.

Once becoming a resident of a College, you will be part of that College for life. It is a chance to form lasting friendships and connections that will stay with you for many years to come.

Not sure yet? Have a look what our college residents have to say about their College experience.