College community

One of the most important parts of college is the sense of community. Our residents become close very quickly, forming strong and lasting friendships. You’ll come to think of college not just as a place to sleep but a place to call home, feeling supported by your fellow residents and our friendly college staff.

Never feel alone with so many other students always happy to have a chat

You’ll be surrounded by students with widely varied backgrounds, from all over the world, studying a myriad of subjects. The colleges aim each year to create a diverse and vibrant student community. You can get involved in decisions for the student population by standing for your college’s student club. These clubs organise events as well as all sporting and cultural activities for each college.

We understand that moving away from home to study is a big step

From the moment you arrive at college, our staff, resident tutors and senior students will be looking out for you. If you feel homesick or just want to chat, there are people in your college who can help. Staff and tutors are available to give advice and information and provide counseling in the time of need. Their goal is to promote your welfare in a secure and supportive environment.