Academic Life

The colleges are focused on ensuring every resident reaches their academic potential. We provide comprehensive academic programs to support you in your studies. Receive support from live-in resident tutors, who are on hand to help you understand a tricky concept or go over ideas for an assignment.

Get advice from students who have already taken your subjects

Older residents may be in their second or third year, studying the same course as you. They can advise you on which subjects are the best to take, as well as mentor you in following the right path to your chosen career. You will also attend college tutorials – a chance to go over assignments and concepts in smaller groups, with both resident and external tutors. If your college cannot offer a tutorial for one of your subjects, you can join a tutorial at another college.

We help you get used to the different academic environment of university

Tertiary education is more independent than secondary schooling, with a focus on students doing their own research and setting themselves study goals. Our staff and tutors will help you with the transition to university studies, and will keep track of your progress, to make sure that any problems you’re having are addressed.