Whether you live in a college or not, living away from home means you will need to meet a range of expenses such as accommodation, food, utilities, insurance, transport, etc.

When you compare the cost of living independently to living in a college, especially when receiving financial assistance, the difference in cost may not be great but the difference in experience will be.

The fees generally include:

  • a furnished room
  • 21 meals per week (3 meals, 7 days per week)
  • full access to college tutorials and the intercollegiate academic program
  • full use of college facilities
  • a range of support and recreational programs encompassing social, cultural, sporting, leadership, spiritual, personal and professional development initiatives
  • internet
  • cleaning


College fees range from $664-$826 per week depending on the college, the length of stay and additional inclusions.

When considering fees, it is important to remember that if you qualify for financial assistance the payable college fee will be considerably lower. Most students who qualify for some form of government assistance will find that, combined with assistance from college, the fees are affordable.

If you are interested in living in a college and the fees seem prohibitive, please contact the college of first preference to discuss assistance options for you.