After the familiarity of high school, starting university can be a daunting experience; let alone moving to a new city or even a new country. Colleges are a great place to start when you first start university, especially when you’re moving out of home.

Residential colleges are unique living and learning communities located next to the University of Melbourne.

Each college has its own identity, culture and benefits and offers fun and interesting programs that range from guest speakers to volunteering to drama productions to regular movie nights. Colleges offer dynamic staff-student interaction, amazing leadership opportunities, great food, a strong sense of belonging, the opportunity to make life long friends, a home away from home.

All students have separate rooms, but share the same communal areas and facilities with the rest of the college.

Tutorial Program

Colleges offer comprehensive tutorial programs that provide supplementary learning for University-level subjects in a small-group environment.

Tutorials offer students the opportunity to ask questions that they might feel less comfortable asking in university tutorials, and are beneficial for exploring concepts in greater depth, especially to understand a tricky subject. The program generally covers first and second year university subjects, and is facilitated by a team of postgraduate tutors, including practicing professionals, university lecturers and tutors, and graduate students who have already completed their bachelor degree, who are employed for their area of academic expertise.

College is a place where young people learn from their tutors, from their peers, and from their own experiences. We understand that learning takes place in tutorial rooms, in libraries, in study groups, in private student rooms, in dining hall conversations, and out on the lawns.

Pastoral Care Program

Colleges are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment, where difference is valued and the wellbeing of all residents is paramount.

At the core of pastoral care programs are the residential tutors and senior students who live among the students and who get to know the students on their floors very well. They are there to support students, offer advice and act as mentors. A number of colleges have in-house or on-call counsellors whose services are confidential. Colleges also have trained Fair Treatment Advisors, usually tutors, who are appointed to deal with any possible matters related to harassment and bullying.


Each individual study bedroom provides everything a student needs to make his or her time at college productive, comfortable and enjoyable.

About the rooms:

  • Each room is generally supplied with a single bed, pillow, mattress, mattress protector, mirror, towel rail, desk, desk-chair, wardrobe, bookshelf, pin-up board, carpet and curtains.
  • Rooms usually include Internet portals (via ethernet) with wireless internet connection accessible in common areas.
  • Students generally need to supply their own bed linen, towels, study lamp, computer, coat hangers, ┬áposters and other personal touches.

Please check with the college of your first preference in regards to their rooms and inclusions.