Student Profiles

Maggie-Greenham-400x400“I came from a small country town so I knew no one in Melbourne. I knew that college would allow me to make lifelong friends, live in a completely new environment to what I was used to, and be exposed to more opportunities and activities than I could imagine.

The academic support at college is phenomenal. University is such a huge transition from high school. With the level and type of work that is required from you, college is invaluable in helping you achieve academically.”

Maggie Greenham, Bachelor of Arts, Politics and International Studies, International House


Raja-Queens-College-Square“I chose to study at UniMelb because I wanted university to be more than just obtaining a degree. Melbourne’s generalist approach suited my desire to treat my first few years out of school as a gradual learning experience, supplemented with work and extra-curricular activities.

I chose to live in a college because to me, staying at home would limit my ability to fully engage with the world and to make the most of everything university offers outside of class time. Furthermore, didn’t want to immediately go it alone, but instead to have a  community to support me throughout my first few years of tertiary education.

The highlight of my college experience has been my involvement with the Queen’s College Music and Drama society, as an actor in The Crucible and as the Creative Director of Quadstock. These roles have really engaged my creative interests and taught me skills I might not have otherwise acquired. Theater is a real passion of mine, and living within a college that is so encouraging of performers like myself is a wonderful thing.

To those considering living at a college I would say that it’s absolutely fine to be nervous, or wonder whether you would fit in. All of us have confronted those doubts at some stage! The good news is that no matter who you are you will be welcomed with open arms and judged only on your character, not on your past achievements. Finally, I recommend you come visit us. Taking a tour is the best way to feel whether college suits you.”

Raja Noureddine, Bachelor of Arts, Politics and Philosophy, Chancellor’s Scholar, Queen’s College


James-McIntosh-Square“I knew very few people moving to Melbourne from home, so college was going to provide me with the opportunity to meet many new people, whom have now become my best friends. College also gave me a smooth transition into living in Melbourne and providing me with support for University and the extra tutorials offered defiantly helped me find my feet at Uni.

One thing I didn’t expect to experience at college is:

Being able to try so many new things. Since been at College I’ve played my first season of footy and been part of the play. Every week it seems like there is another sport or activity to be a part of, it keeps me busy but it is all great to be a part of.

I encourage new students to attend the open days or get a tour of the colleges to see them in the flesh and see what the community is about. Being part of a college is an amazing experience and it has made my University experience so enjoyable, anyone even remotely considering it should definitely look into it further as it isn’t an opportunity you want to pass on.”

James McIntosh, Bachelor of Environments, Property, St Hilda’s College


Trinity_Katie-Hewitt-Square“Professors I met at Melbourne University consistently spoke highly of Trinity as a place that not only nurtures creativity, but also encourages the student to take artistic risks, and be challenged to think about their art in new and different ways.

At Trinity, I believe I have developed greatly as a violinist, and am now undertaking international orchestral tours, and feel I am contributing strongly to Melbourne’s musical identity.

College is a home away from home where you have a second family that will support you in every way they can.”

Katie Hewitt, Master of Music Performance Teaching (Violin), Trinity College