About College Life

If you’re moving out of home for the first time, College is a great way to make the transition to independence. Meeting people is easier while caring staff are there to help out. You’re within walking distance of class and won’t have to worry about cooking meals or household chores – so you can concentrate on your studies and make the most of University life.

What is a College

College is much more than accommodation – it is an unrivalled learning and living experience.
It’s a place of belonging.

From academic support and leadership opportunities to a broad range of cultural and sporting activities to get involved with, College lets you pursue your passions as well as try new interests. Shared meals and a diverse social life also mean it’s where you’ll form some of your closest and most enduring friendships.

5 Great Reasons to live at College

1. Community

From your first day at College, you’ll become part of a vibrant, close-knit community. Built around learning and connection, it’s where friendships flourish and new experiences abound.

2. Care and Wellbeing

With extensive pastoral care programs and lots of opportunities to explore your individuality and interests in a supportive environment, College life empowers you to succeed both personally and academically.

3. Academic Success

Dive deeply into a world of ideas. Rigorous tutorial programs, academic support and learning experiences will extend you beyond the lecture theatre and help you grow.

4. Everyday is Extraordinary

The heart of every College is its dining room. Offering more than the convenience of freshly prepared meals; it is where an ordinary day can turn into an extraordinary one through the conversation over the dinner table.

5. Career Opportunities

College empowers you to jump-start your future. With many opportunities to connect with a rich Alumni, develop leadership confidence and explore pathways, we'll help you find a fulfilling profession.

Characteristics of the Colleges of the University of Melbourne

  • Our Colleges are intentional communities. They form their communities through their selection of members, their educational offerings, and their distinctive culture and customs drawing upon scholarly tradition. They take their sense of being a society with clear expectations so seriously that they may even ask people to leave when they do not live within the letter and spirit of those expectations.
  • Our Colleges are intentional, academic communities. Central to their identity is the advancement of the academic potential of their members. Integral to their communities are both students and academics who engage formally and informally to promote the learning of students.
  • Our Colleges are committed to selecting members on the basis of their merit rather than means; so they all work to make themselves accessible through scholarships and other forms of financial assistance. College fees are not a fee for service or a commercial transaction, but one of the forms of contribution that are made to maintaining that community. Alumni, friends of the College and others also make contributions, financial and otherwise, to support worthy students.
  • Our Colleges exist for the mutual benefit of their members, so they never have shareholders and are not run for others' benefit.
  • Our Colleges are place-based institutions. They believe that coming together in a physical place is essential to creating the depth of relationships and trust that constitutes a College community. Therefore, they all have spaces specifically designed to enable the community to come together.
  • Our Colleges are communities that share a common life, and for Colleges, that life is expressed and shaped by regularly dining together.
  • Our Colleges are communities shaped by their evolving narratives, customs and traditions. Those practices are valued because they are an important part of how a College passes on its identity from one generation to the next.
  • Central to our communities is the notion of respect - respect for self, others and the environment.

To this end, our Colleges ensure that:

  • There are staffing, programmes, practices and facilities that support and enhance academic pursuits, wider intellectual development and a respectful and safe community.
  • Teaching and/or formal tutoring occurs explicitly under the aegis of the College.
  • There are staffing, programmes, policies and practices that provide for the pastoral care of students.
  • There is adequate and appropriately-qualified professional staff in residence. (This will involve experience and practice in a university and/or secondary education setting.)
  • The institution is affiliated with the University of Melbourne.
  • Community dining is at the heart of communal life.
  • The institution is registered as a not-for-profit organisation.
How to apply

Once you have made a decision about which College is right for you, the next thing to do is apply. We have made applying easy by providing three simple steps to assist you.

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Fees and Scholarships

We are committed to ensuring College is accessible to students from all backgrounds and offer a range of financial aid programs that may assist you – including scholarships, bursaries and employment opportunities.

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