Application Status

Semester 1 2019 Some Colleges accepting applications. See table below.
Semester 2 2019 All Colleges accepting applications.
Semester 1 2020 All Colleges accepting applications.

Semester 1 2019

College Undergraduate Graduate
International House Open Open
Janet Clarke Hall Closed Closed
Medley Hall Closed Closed
Newman College Open Open
Ormond College Open Open
Queen’s College Closed Closed
St Hilda’s College Closed Closed
St Mary’s College Closed Closed
Trinity College Closed N/A
University College Closed Closed

How to Apply

Research which College is right for you then read below for more information on how to apply.

Step 1

  1. Make note of your application ID and Password (it will not be sent by email).
  2. Fill out the form and check that your details are correct.
  3. Make sure you fill out all your preferences for the Colleges.
  4. Upload (or email through once available*):
    • a passport style photo,
    • a letter of reference or most recent school report/academic transcript which gives evidence of your academic achievements and extracurricular achievements,
    • a personal statement of application (~1 page) commenting on your life, aspirations and reasons for wishing to study in residence in College.
  5. Submit.

* You can provide required documents at a later date by emailing them through, once they are available, to the admissions office of the College which currently holds your application (usually, your first preference). If your school prefers to provide confidential reference letters, they can email the document(s) directly to the College. Please note, however, that your application remains incomplete until these documents are supplied.

Step 2

  1. Your form is sent to your College of first preference.
  2. Your College of first preference will process your form.
    • If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted to organise a time,
    • If you are not selected for an interview, your application will be forwarded to your next College of preference.
  3. You will need to pay an application fee of $75** to the College that currently holds your application. In most cases, this will be your College of first preference. ** This fee is non-refundable, however, if you are a secondary school student and currently receiving youth allowance, you are exempt from this fee after providing supporting documentation.

Step 3

  1. Provide the College that holds your application with more information as it becomes available.
    • VTAC applicants must advise the College that holds their application of their VTAC number,
    • ATAR recipients must advise the College that holds their application of their score and supply their certificate.
  2. Once university offers are received, you must advise the College that holds your application and supply evidence.
  3. If any of your details change, you must advise the College that holds your application.
  4. Applicants only need to submit ONE application form and cannot submit separate applications to multiple Colleges.

After you Apply


VTAC offers are made mid-January each year. You will be advised of the outcome of your College application that week. Overseas and Graduate university offers generally come out before VTAC offers and College offers vary depending on the College. The College that holds your application will inform you of your application status.

For some Colleges, a student may be given a provisional offer in December. To find out more, please contact the individual Colleges directly.

Unsuccessful Applications

If you are not offered a place by your College of preference, they may ask if you wish to be placed on their waiting list or be referred to your other College preferences that are still considering applicants through the Intercollegiate Pool process.

If at any stage you wish to withdraw your application, please inform the College that holds your application immediately.

Intercollegiate Pool

The purpose of the Intercollegiate Pool is to ensure that applicants who have not been offered residency at their College of preference can be considered for a place in another College in a fair and orderly manner and according to the applicant’s order of preferences. All applications from students who have been offered a place at the University of Melbourne or other accepted Universities (RMIT, ACU, Monash Parkville Campus) who have not been offered a place at the College of their first preference will be offered the chance to have their application sent to the Intercollegiate Pool which runs from mid-January to mid-February each year. To learn more see FAQs

Alternative Accommodation Options

The Colleges have places available for a large number of students each year, however not every applicant will be offered a place. We highly recommend that you look into other suitable options such as student apartments and share housing in case you are not offered a place by one of the Colleges. Check The University of Melbourne Accommodation Website for the options on offer.

For non-residential options at our Colleges, please see Non-Residential.

A limited number of mid-year residential places at are also available at our Colleges. To apply, select Semester 2 2019 on our online application form.