Fees and Scholarships

Find out how much it costs to attend College and why it may be more affordable than you think.

We are committed to ensuring College is accessible to students from all backgrounds and offer a range of financial aid programs that may assist you – including scholarships, bursaries and employment opportunities.

In 2020, over $7.5 million will be awarded to students through scholarships and bursaries. Over $1.6 million is also paid in part-time employment to students each year. This can reduce the fees by up to $500/week. Over a third of all residents in the Colleges receive financial assistance, scholarships or a bursary.

Before scholarships and bursaries, undergraduate fees range from $664-$826/week for an academic year (36-39 weeks). Graduate fees range from $426-$695/week (up to 52 weeks).

This includes:

  • A private, furnished room
  • 21 meals per week – 3 meals, 7 days per week
  • Full access to weekly College tutorials and the intercollegiate academic program
  • Full use of College facilities
  • A range of support and recreational programs encompassing social, cultural, sporting, leadership, spiritual, personal and professional development initiatives
  • Internet
  • Cleaning

Compare the cost of living out of home to staying at College, especially when receiving financial assistance, and you’ll find the difference may not be great - but the difference in experience is immeasurable.

How it works

Applications for financial assistance are made in addition to your College application and are submitted directly to the College of your first preference.

As each College has their own fees and financial support programs, it’s best to start researching what they offer here.