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Please read all information below carefully before applying.

Please note: unfortunately, we are unable to change preferences once the application is submitted. 

To apply online, please note that we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (not Internet Explorer). If you are having difficulties completing an application, please notify your college of first preference or the Intercollegiate Office immediately. Your application is not complete until you have submitted your online form AND followed step 3.

Step One: Choosing your College of First Preference

Students may only apply to one College, with the other Colleges listed as preferences. In other words, applicants need to pick a College to be their First Preference, then number the rest of the Colleges in the order they choose.

Why do I have to number all the Colleges? This is to make sure that you, as an applicant, have the best chance of being offered a place at a College and for us to process your application as quickly as possible. If your application is unsuccessful at your First Preference College, it will be forwarded to other Colleges in the order you have stated for their consideration. Only colleges that are still accepting applications and/or have vacancies will consider your application, which means that you are not automatically considered by your second preference. Please select your preferences carefully. Incomplete applications cause delays, please complete all the preferences and submit all the required paperwork and evidence. It is the applicants’ responsibility to complete the application.

Step Two: I’ve chosen my College of First Preference, now what?

Once you have read everything on this page, click on the ‘Apply Now’ link below. This will take you to a separate application page where you will be required to choose the relevant application form (Undergraduate or Graduate) and complete it. Remember to fill in all fields marked compulsory, and double-check that you have entered your contact information correctly – if you cannot be contacted, you may miss out on a place. Please make sure to note down your Application ID as this will not be emailed to you. Use your Application ID to login at a later date.

Step Three: I’ve filled out the online form – what’s next?

Now you will print out the final page of the online application. This page contains your unique identification number. You should then email scanned copies of your signed final page, a (or more) passport style photo, and your most recent school report/academic results to your college of first preference. Email addresses to send these documents to are listed below. You will need to pay the application fee of $AU75 (non-refundable) to the college of your first preference. You can either pay by cheque and send it by mail, use the form to pay by credit card or contact your college of first preference directly to pay by credit card. You should also check the website of your College of First Preference, as they may require you to fill out other College-specific forms and send these in as well. You will then need to arrange an interview with your first preference college. Interviews can be conducted by phone or Skype if you cannot make it to Melbourne in person.

Once your application has been submitted, any questions about its status must be directed to your College of First Preference.

Please also refer to our FAQ section to ensure you understand the full application process.


Semester Two 2018 Entry

Applications are now open for Semester 2 for most Colleges. Please refer to the table below:

International House Closed Closed
Janet Clarke Hall Closed Closed
Medley Hall Open Closed
Newman College Open Open
Ormond College Closed Closed
Queen’s College Closed Closed
St Hilda’s College Closed Closed
St Mary’s College Closed Closed
Trinity College Closed N/A
University College Closed Closed

Semester One 2019 Entry

Applications for Semester One 2019 Entry are now open. Colleges begin closing applications from October 31 2018.

International House Open Open
Janet Clarke Hall Open Open
Medley Hall Open Open
Newman College Open Open
Ormond College Open Open
Queen’s College Open Open
St Hilda’s College Open Open
St Mary’s College Open Open
Trinity College Open N/A
University College Open Open

But I don’t know if I’ve received a place at the university yet…
If you are advised by your college of first preference that your application is unsuccessful and will be placed in the intercollegiate pool, which operates in January/February, we also encourage you to look into alternative accommodation just in case you do not receive a place at another college. A good place to find information about alternative student accommodation is on the University’s housing website.

You do not need to have received a university offer to apply for a college place – in fact, it’s highly recommended to apply before you know for sure that you will receive an offer, as this means you won’t have missed out on applying when you do receive your university offer. Just let us know when you do receive your offer. You do not need a university offer to apply for college residence, and although places are usually only offered on the confirmation of a university offer, some colleges may make conditional offers.

Now that you’ve read all the steps, go ahead and apply

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